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There is more to investing than you might think

Separating myths and facts, one of many financial planning services offered by Advice Only financial planner Sandi MillerDon't make any decisions on how to invest your money until you understand how to separate the myths and misconceptions from the fact and figures.  Click each statement to reveal the facts.

Myth: You need a lot of money to start investing

Fact: You can get started with relatively modest assets. Many very successful people, including highly successful investors, started out that way.

Myth: Investing is too risky

Fact: Risk can be managed. "Balancing risk and benefit is one of the most important roles provided by an Advice Only financial planner," explains Sandi. "That balance is different for every person and it is my job to recommend the right balance, taking into account key issues such as the age, goals and values of the investor.

Myth: When the market is down, everyone loses

Fact: With the right financial planning guidance and effective risk management strategies, you can ride out any volatility in the market.

Myth: Market volatility is bad

Fact: Down markets represent a great opportunity to buy stock at very attractive prices -- and cash-in when those stocks bounce back to normal price levels.

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