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Options + Opportunities Equals Peace of Mind

Sandi Persoon, a financial advisor, based in Sherwood Park, offering Advice Only financial planning, including estate planning, Wills, taxes, insurance and investment strategies.Today's business world offers options and opportunities, and that's exactly what Sandi Persoon brings to her clients with her advice-only financial services.

Sandi established Estate by Design for clients wanting something other than the typical fee-based or commission-based financial planning services. With financial incentives as a motivator, fee - or commission-based financial planners present only those products their organization represents. With Estate by Design being an advice-only financial firm, fees and commissions don't enter the equation. This lets you enjoy peace of mind that you are getting the best financial advice for you without any hidden agenda or fees.

Unbiased transparency

Estate by Design's foundational standards includes providing unbiased and transparent financial planning advice. As a knowledgeable professional, Sandi believes that these standards, together with integrity and ethical practices, are key to building strong relationships between her and her clients.

Wait, there's more

Sandi also wants her clients to know that financial planning includes much more than just money management. It's important for her to gain a full picture of her clients' goals, needs and priorities, and the interdependence among these three factors.

This means a conversation with Sandi involves discussing everything from lifestyle planning, estate planning and taxes to insurance and investment strategies. Her job is to remove any confusion and uncertainty about financial planning with a financial planning strategy that advances her client's life goals.

An experienced industry professional

Sandi Persoon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She has also completed the Canadian Securities, plus numerous other financial/investment industry courses, and has more than 30 years of experience in the finance and investment industry.

She delivers investment portfolio reviews and financial plans for a wide variety of clients in the Edmonton area. In addition to offering advice-only financial planning, Sandi guides clients on money management, lifestyle planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax issues and insurance management.

For more information, please contact us online or call: 780-467-6647

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