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Life before and after you have the help of an Advice-Only financial planner

Man deleting the word failure to demonstrate that he has left behind his investment failures by engaging the services of Advice Only financial planner Sandi Miller, who offers financial plans and portfolio reviews for clients throughout Edmonton. Interested in seeing how your life would change with the help of Advice-Only Financial Planner Sandi Persoon?   Look at the experience of other investors before and after they met Sandi.  Click "After" on each scenario to reveal the changes.


You have different professionals (accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, investment advisor) working for you but you are not sure they are on the same page because, from time-to-time, you get conflicting advice.   Worse, you don't have the time or expertise to get everyone on the same page.

Everyone working for you is on the same page because Sandi ensures that the right information is communicated at the right time.  "Timely communications can make a significant difference, not only in terms of avoiding losses, but also by taking advantage of windows of opportunity that may be only available for a short time." Sandi says.


You visit your financial institution and a friendly customer service representative asks if you need some help with your investments.  You say, yes, and a short time later you are with a friendly investment advisor who promises to give you a customized personal financial plan. You agree without knowing -- or even asking - whether commissions apply.

Instead of agreeing to buy the investments recommended by the investment adviser, you speak with Sandi.  She explains that the financial institution makes a profit by selling you its own investment products.  "You are not getting anything for free, not even from your financial institution," Sandi says.   "What you want and need is someone who has the freedom to choose the best product from everything that is available and that is exactly what you get with an Advice-Only advisor."  


You accept an invitation to attend a meeting with an investment advisor.  You are impressed with the information you hear and make several financial product purchases, not realizing that the happiest person at the end of the meeting is the investment advisor, who just earned some very generous commissions.

You are more selective in the investment seminars you attend because Sandi has explained to you that the people making the presentations are selected because they are superb sales people, not effective estate planners. You now know that prior to making any purchases you must ensure it will enhance your financial plan. "I am not trying to sell anything to my clients," says Sandi.  "I'm not motivated by a desire to earn commission.  I look at the entire market and pick what I believe is best for my valued clients."


You are unsure of how to balance two apparently conflicting goals: debt reduction and saving for your retirement.   So you do a little of both and hope for the best with a spend-as-you-go lifestyle.

You move toward both objectives. Advice-Only financial advisor, Sandi Persoon, shows you how much you could gain by trading in your spend-as-you-go lifestyle for a sound financial plan.  You now understand the financial implications of every contribution and, hence, more of your money is available for both debt reduction and retirement savings. 


There is market volatility.   You don't know who to trust.  Everyone has a different opinion.  You make a panic sale and suffer a significant loss.

You meet with Sandi to discuss the market volatility.   She advises caution and to resist the temptation to do something rash.   "Sometimes, all my clients want to do is talk to someone who has experience and tells them that things are going to be alright," says Sandi.   "That's part of my job, too."

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