A Financial Plan is what you want.
Peace of Mind is what you receive.

Looking for a second opinion on your financial plan from an unbiased financial advisor?

Sandi Persoon, "Advice-Only" Financial Planner in Edmonton, can help

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When you choose Estate by Design Inc. for financial planning advice, there’s no hidden agenda and no hidden fees.
We offer you unbiased advice, that’s it.

We’ll show you the smartest way to manage your financial plan and help you keep more of your money.

It might be time to contact Sandi if:

Sandi Persoon, a Sherwood Park based Advice Only financial advisor who charges no commission on the services and solutions she recommends and helps clients with estate planning, Wills, taxes, insurance and investment strategies.
  • You know something is wrong with your financial plan. You are just not sure what.
  • You have always wanted a second opinion from a financial advisor, but didn't know where to get it -- until now.
  • You know you are paying fees for financial planning. You just don't know how much.
  • You need to get your accountant, lawyer and insurance agent on the same page.
  • You are tired of hearing your co-worker brag about the money he saved by switching to an Advice Only financial advisor.
  • You are convinced that you are paying too much tax.
  • You need help to create an estate plan.
  • You are tired of hearing your neighbor brag about the money he is making by following the plan created by his Advice Only financial advisor.

Why wait? Get in touch with Sandi at Estate by Design today by phone (780-467-6647) or online.

For more information, please contact us online or call: 780-467-6647

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